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of a ta tae kwondo of instructor. he is free on bond. he's worked at the same redwood city academy for 12 years, investigators want to know if there are other possible victims out there. >> police trying to find a thief who stole a package from a door step of a house. z camera. police say there is no spike in cases of stolen packages. anyone with information that can help identify the man is asked to contact the alameda police department. >> a plan to build a hillside in contra costa county is developing into opposition. it would be built in subdivisions of san ramone. >> that is right. this is the alamo sem taerk it's 150 years old, and it's basically all booked up that. is why local developers say he wants to build a new one serving residents in this area for decades still to come. with existing cemeteries a local developer says the plan to build a large new resting place in this valley is the perfect placeway to address demands with supply. >> not enough space.&/oç people are dying. you have people guying in this area. where are you going put them? >> but this proposal to build a ceme
you e mails you care b the city being offered millions of dollars to change its name to sugar usa that. is coming up here for you. >> martinez blees plees need help in finding a missing teenager.úhxf he left his house monday night and has not been heard from since saying he is considered at risk. he is six feet tall and anyone with information is urged to call the police department. livermore police arrested three minors for cyber bullying. she was arrested again last week for violations nearly three years for serving three years for having sex with two 14-year-old boys. they won't release names of the three minors arrested but dan noyes reported the daughter was one of the kids under investigation police say there is no evidence he instructed to harass a victim. muddy mess that came flowing into homes today. this is the damage, sending water p mud rushing into the sleets streets. homes along 15th avenue hit hard tonight homeowners wondering if a sewer line replacement could be to blame for this. heather, what a mess it s the city] saying that repair had nothing to do wi
to be in the city versus traditionally in silicon valley. >> cal train says it's seen a steady increase in ridership. there are now more riders in its history and realtors say they see a trend, tech workers choose choosing san francisco. over the selling point. >> noe valley because it's towards southern part of the city and easier commute to get on to the freeways but you can see buttses on union street waiting to pick people up. >> the transportation commission here says we're never going to defeat congestion but we can manage witness good planning and right projects well. don't have, perhaps ideal deal but a reasonable speed on the roads. police ride id fid and released photos of a 13-year-old found murdered in fairfield. january yell conway allen found friday morning. they released this surveillance photo from when she was last seen thursday afternoon. investigators from fairfield çc.pkq been working on the case nonstop since conway-allen's body was found. they're asking anyone who may have seen this girl just before she disappeared to please, call fairfield police. >> a pittsburgh man is under
in for that. >> bay area cities home to some of the top incomer autos the luxury car that went up in flames. parked in one of the bay area's high performance auto parts store. >> i'm sandhya patel. we have a warming trend sure to give you spring fever. wait until you hear details coming up. >> michael finney looks at what women really want for valentine's day and role coupons play in getting one item on their wish list. stay w >>> sky 7 shows you what happened when a mercedes-benz burs into the flames about two hours ago in hayward. nobody was hurt. the car went up in flames parked outside of a specialty auto parts store. the fire department had to call in a special unit spraying foam to put it out. >> intart closer to implementing a year old law that left it been some passengers letting the agency seek prohibition offers against people, orders rather against people who do things like urinate in public skroi bart property. they can be banned from stations from 30 days to a year. the law passed in 2011 but has been on hold until bart set up appeal pros ses. >> we do have trouble with people
with william bratton in 2006. of course, bratton just hired by the city of oakland the photo taken for an article. we're peegs a lot about his background together. stay with abc 7 news for coverage of the l.a. police shooter manhunt. we're going to update you during this newscast. whit happens we'll be here up and date you on this major story happening. >> bun violence is on the top of the list. abc 7 news joins us now from sacramento with more on the battle over guns. >> new york pass aid slew of bills, california loss says democrats here want that title back. >> 50 shots fired in a span of 50 seconds. the police chief says he needs help getting guns off the streets. >> i live a mile from that intersection. so i can tell thu is a quality of life issue. >> senate democrats unveiled bills in recent weeks they required a pemplit to purchase ammunition and weapons. but they now want to ban detachable magazines change definition of an el little shotgun to include new technology. and require all guns to be registered with the state. >> we need to lead the way. california needs to answer
to stop violence against women. we are live from san francisco city hall tonight. there is an event happening as is. there is a dj playing, drummers hip-hop dancers. i just ran into the d.a.who says he's going to be dancing as well. it's a unique message that reached a place today where it really resonated. >> everybody is dancing to the same song today. >> that is going to create a shift of consciousness. just the rhythm on the earth. think bit. a billion people, dancing. >> it's called break the chain. when you're an inmate in antiviolence program the word resonated. >> it's amazing and hopefully we can reach everybody and break the chains of violence. >> san francisco is taking part in the global campaign. in county jail, captain paulson joined inmates. >> i want to make the world better that. is why i'm doing this, today. >> inmates say music and movements are a powerful form of healing. these women part of a recovery program in the jail. >> hopefully today is a better day than yesterday.7(zc i think this is going help me move forward. >> idea of bringing the movement into jails
tell players look. you're coming into new orleans there is a lot of distractions. it's a party city. stay out of trouble. don't say anything you're going to regret. don't do anything you're going to regret, then, have you young chris culliver walks into it and you get a story that is broken out. now, as mentioned he was surrounded by reporters and yes, did he apologize. >> i'm sorry i offended anyone that. was very ugly comments. it's not what i feel in my heart. i can hopefully learn and grow from this situation. >> in addition to trying to put out the fire today, 49ers owner jed york addressed a number of other topics. 49ers at one point hosting a super bowl in the baif area, construction is underway. that is pro jektd to be completed for 2014 season. nfl announced 2016 super bowl will be played either in santa clara or miami. now, it's just a matter of time before the bay area hosts >> due to the sound check i did not feel comfortable taking a right after this skpik wanted to make him, and my country proud. >> as for the big game she's not revealing about the show or who might be
to their city today. baltimore honoring the tweem a parade in the morning. this is marking the second time they won the super bowl also they won in 2000 and ravens never won super bowl when known as cleveland browns. john harbaugh is feeling his brother's pain. today, elder harbaugh spoke about how difficult the end of the game handshake was for him. >> toughest moment was walking across the field. and if you can imagine, you feel he'llation and devastation. and i'm still feeling it. >> he calls him the best coach in the league. >> 49ers loss may have had a lot to do with the calmness that prevailed but big police presence may have had a lot to do with it. abc 7 news joins us live with the reaction that is positive. some drivers whose cars were towed. >> you're right. they were angry and surprised and i'll get to that soon. but first, police say they were absolutely prepared for the worst and officers were on the streets, even before this game ended. i guess we'll never know what would have happened i was a peaceful evening. last night, it was nothing like this in the mission district. not
injuries she received after being hit bay muni bus in daly city. the accident happened at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it involved the number 18, 46th avenue bus. the woman was hit by the back of the bus when she was in a crosswalk. family members say the woman died after being taken to the hospital thump muni driver will undergo standard drug and alcohol testing. >> new tonight. the search is on for a man wanted for two random attacks against women in san francisco's mission district. take a good look at these sketches of the suspect. police say the one on the left was based on a description given by a woman attacked february 2nd. she says the map walked past her and suddenly began punking her. the other sketch is based on ai attack jen january 6th. the victim says the man threw her down and slammed her head against the sidewalk. police ask anyone with any information to give them a call. >>> a small but vocal group protested against sap perhaps' ban on public nudity. the demonstration targeted supervisor scott weeper, he rote in the nudity ban. the protesters feel the ban violates their c
tonight. john alston is live in the city with a look at the postgame game plan from police. >> police cars lined up right now outside the command next ready to hit the streets. inside officers are watching the game before the serious work starts for them. more than 100 extra officers will be on the job tonight, trying to prevent the fires and vandalism that occurred after the world series back in october. they're concentrating on the mission district, north beach, marine newscast. officers are not going to suit up in protective gear unless there's trouble. also be working with bar owners, asking them not to serve fans who are already drunk. >> we have been listening to the motion radio and already heard officers making checks of bars and other establishments and giving dispatch a discount of the number of persons in the bar, persons in line. so the officers getting out and about in the community. reporter: right now the chief is watching the game at an undisclosed location. tonight he'll be out on the street with his officers, monitoring any potential trouble spots that arise. the police d
of improvement. >> he responds to my voice and opened his eyes. >> in a city of concord traffic collision report we learned that since january, 2008 there have been 15 collisions reported to the transportation division. but this is the only pedestrian injury reported. police say the driver stopped and cooperated with investigators. the team are playing their last game of the season. >> i'm going there to support the kids in the last game. >> because joey is still in icu, his mother has limited visitors to his room.1k she says it will be a while before they know the full extent of the injuries. >> we're learning about the meteor that slammed into western siberia. the blast so big, people thought it was the end of the world. >> the meter exploded with the force of 20 acot tothic dog -- bombs. scientists sate was the largest to hit land in more than a century. biggest chunks slammed into a frozen lake. a thousand people were injured by glass because they're standing near windows to see what caused the flash of light. officials say 3,000 buildings were damaged. the meteor blasted with out warning o
gold run and truckee. >> want to take a 1(v at what happened in kansas city, missouri. there is a downtown inferno. this is cause bid a car hit a gas main in an upscale shopping district?ja. the fire continues to rage police say serious injuries have been reported at this time, still not clear how many people have been hurt for if anyone died but there are dozens of firefighters and other crews that have responded to this. the building established in 1922 including shops restaurants apartments and offices we'll continue to bring updates throughout the newscast as well as nbc 7 news at 6:00. >> dan ashley is in washington, d.c. now for a very special assignment. he's the only reporter who will interview president obama tomorrow. dan joins us live with a look at what the president is dealing with today, dan? >> good evening, from washington a very busy day. if republicans and democrats cannot come up with an agreement in just 10 days, $85 billion in cuts will kick n the president invited state and local workers to join him he warned that these are real people whose jobs
success, police departments in the bay area have embraced gun buy back programs. now, three cities, menlo park, palon] alto and east palo alto asking gun owners to surrender weapons no questions asked. >> the focus of this event is not investigative. it's simply to get guns and remove them from unwanted places. and so, focus is on destruction of firearms not criminal investigations. >> in marin county 800 weapons were handed over to police. pay back waso7aft $110,000. tomorrow event will be neld a parking lot. but money to buy back guns will come are a nonprofit called protect our children. the organization is also interested in finding out whether these buy backs are effective. james cook is with protect our children. >> we've got three students from law school helping us in gathering to see how effective this has been. >> three police departments have agreed to work with the stanford students but the institute in oakland has already collected data from other police departments nationwide. >> maybe old gun that's don't work well. you're if the going get guns people use in crime. criminal
-old was seen thursday afternoon in the sassoon city area. a surveillance camera ra captured here in fairfield wear a gray sweater, blue jeans and a pink backpack. her unclothed body then found friday morning in fairfield allen wit park. police say they do have some evidence but they're not saying what it is. a police sargeant read a statement from the family. >> this has been a devastating tragedy we need to thank everyone for outpouring of support at the memorial. we're grateful for love and support. >> that is information coming uping out it's appropriate to respond to. but as everybody in this community i'm sure wants to make sure happened we want to catch the people responsible for this crime. we want to make sure we can present an appropriate case. >> police say they do not want to forget to take this opportunity to remind children it's best not to travel around town alone f you're threatened by a stranger, kick, scream, yell, do whatever you can to draw attention to yourself. also the police and family are asking the community for help in solving this case. if you think you might know s
could cost city tax pairs. >> a stolen puppy saga comes to an end. >> leigh: high there i'm leigh glaser. temperatures warmed slightly today. get ready, some parts of the bay area, this upcoming week, could hit 70 degrees. we'll have and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> ama: san francisco taxpayers kind up paying millions for the city to host the america's cup. fundraising efforts could for $34 million in police, cleanup, and transportation cost are falling short. just $14 million has been raised for the event which is six months away. taxpayers could be saddled with the remaining $20 million. the event was estimated to bring in $300 million but has been downsized from 12 international teams to just three. >> bart is looking for feedback t
and disturbing of all, firearms. >> they have been sporadic throughout the city. and the times have been sporadic as well. >> sargeant says of the 25 burglaries three have been in the homes of police officers. the intruders hit the jackpot in one home. >> there was a safe taken there were a number of firearms stolen unfortunately. >> police found the safe but waits empty. residents say it's a safe, quiet town but many noticed a spike in home burglaries. peter foster was in the surprised. >> when first moving out of there, high percentage live out here in general. it's been a nice bedroom community to live n officers house was burglarized up the street. >> neighbor charlie jackson says lobbying cops isj+?+Ñ not smart. >> they're looking for firearms and pistols and creates a dangerous situation for everybody. and... dangerous situation for burglars themselves. you can get shot. >> pleel tell us they're chasing leads. detectives are meeting to review some of that information. information that they hope will lead them to some arrests. vic lee abc 7 news. >> tick, thank you. >> police are warning re
tomorrow, san francisco sunset district swril a new representative at city hall. mayor ed lee revealed this morning katie tang will take over the board of supervisors, tang, right there, will replace her old boss. li appointed hsu. the 29-year-old tang spent five years working as an aid to hsu. >> someone living in direct four or 20 years i'm honored to be able to serve on the board of superviseors and represent the district i grew up in. on the other hand as a resident i'm sad to see supervisor hsu leave. >> both will be sworn into their new jobs tomorrow. >> state lawmakers in the process of amendmenting a rape law dating back 140 years or so. you might be surprised it was put on the book buzz stunned to know that it's still there. >>> we're in the talking about forceable rape, but tricking women into sex and how married and unmarried victims are treated differently. >> the senate public safety committee moved to bring one of california rape laws into the 21 century. in 1872, california capitol still under construction and los angeles was a mere village lawmakers passed the law made
-aged girl that she's in fact a missing young girl from sassoon city reported just yesterday. reporting missing by her guardin or parents. she did not return from school. police say they have now made a connection that that missing girl is the girl whose body was found here this morning. police say a passerby flagged down a patrol officer at 6:45 in the morning to point out the body of a teen-aged girl apparently dumped in the middle of a parking lot. >> we haven't been able to identify her as anyonelett. could within her teens, from 19 down to 12. >> rick says his friend found the body. >> yes. he found her and said she was tell she was not alive. >> investigators say sl tl was no identification. police would not confirm accounts the body was nude. jack davie says he saw a sus spishus car in the park at 5:00 in the morning. >> i drive by and see a car parked in the parking lot here, there was a large man standing in front of it just standing there. and it just looked... odd to me. >> not far from the crime scene tape this mother was at the park with her children. >> i live around the c
, new york city central park light snow right now. gusts 26 miles per hour. moderate snow now in new haven. gusts 32 miles per hour. and in boston, peak wind gusts of 53. they're dealing with moderate snow now. checking out the forecast here, blizzard conditions overnight tonight heading into tomorrow. and there are blizzard warnings up as you'll notice by saturday nighttn, storm shift shifting up. national weather service reporting thunderstorms and wind gusts to 60 miles per hour on twitter. and of course, they're expecting several feet of snow so more cancellations and delays are likely hitting the weekend if you're traveling check out our flight tracker, i'll be back with a look at the forecast including major changes in our weather as well. in southere around the clock search for christopher dorner continues in the san bernardino mountains. police search for an ex-cop police say is now a kill yes, ski resorts open today but schools remain closed. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with the latest on the manhunt. >> authorities say they don't believe christopher dorn jer an immediate
.a. county sheriff's department. we're told l.a. city fire has three helicopters here as well. there are also officers from lapd metropolitan division staged here. this is been extraordinary 10 days or so we've been dealing with this situation. a man promised war fair against los angeles police department and promising to fight it out to the death that he was not afraid of death we've seen two different talking about losing their officers within a few days of each other. it's been a week in which law enforcement officers have been targets. they've been hunted as well as as well as hunters and lapd the center of it all this, officer was fired by l.a. police department for allegedly lying about a fellow officer on an official report. carlos grand is watching it unfold and joins us now with an update. >> lapd is in communication was the san bernardino sheriff's department getting information from the big bear area. they're part of the same joint task force working on the christopher dorner case. when updating us they did stress it is the lead agency. >> los angeles police department are waiting
involvement. >> drive behind california's new gold rush and >>> sky 7 is live over skai city college. a dozen students are occupying the hall protesting the chance skplort possibility of losing it's accreditation. it's scheduled to close in just minutes and the students say they will not leave we'll update you at 6:00 tonight. >> a major silicon valley company could be bringing bik bucks to mineta san jess yeah international airport tomorrow Ãplans to ba private hangar to house google executive jets. google planes currently housed at moffett field. >> america's largest cycling event looking for volunteers. amgen tour begins in southern california finishing in santa rosa. the race will run south to north. if you're interestedville lun tears can register at amgen tour of >> looks like a lot of fun but students are learning. >> they are. efforts to make >>> coming up at 6:00 a string of pharmacy hold ups only on abc 7 news drugs they're after, what it could mean when you go to fill a prescription. also, dan ashley talks to the president about his agenda for the second term and s
catching graffiti bombers is like a needle in the hay stack. the city does have n abaitment program to help people clean up that is free one time for private authorities. to find out more you can find a9-ind link on our web site. >> details on a story you brought you at 4:00. police release aid image showing a suspected vandal who is targeting broadway plaza shops. the center tells abc 7 news 10 businesses in the shopping district have their windows etched with graffiti on sunday morning.h7 this vandal caused 10,000s ndz damage. they're asking for your help, the public's help to catch the suspect. >> police expanded a search for a man suspected of killing ab oakland native saying the 26-year-old amar harris could be on the sun. he is the prime suspect in the 7<> freeways with to get more crowded this sure when a tech giant stop as louing employee
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